6 Ways Invidyo Makes Parenting Easier


As parents, we are aware of how demanding parenting can be. Especially for all you new parents, parenting can take a lot out of you. Navigating this new territory comes with its fair share of challenges. Having lived through these challenges, we wanted to create a solution for ourselves and every parent out there.

Introducing Invidyo! Made by parents, for parents, Invidyo is designed to make parenting easier. The Invidyo package comprises of the Invidyo Smart AI Powered Baby Monitor and a subscription.

The subscription gives you all the incredible features within the Invidyo App, including built-in tracking features, automatic smart notifications, and daily, weekly and monthly reports about your baby.

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We are continually adding new features and functionality to the app. The best part is that your subscription allows you to grow with us. All of our brand new releases are instantly accessible to all our subscribers. You will never need to buy new hardware with Invidyo.

It’s an all-in-one bundle packed into a single product – the Invidyo Baby Monitor.

So how does Invidyo make parenting easier? Let’s dive right into all the features we found necessary to ease the parenting journey.

Invidyo Helps You Be More Present

We understand the importance of spending time with your little one. But, we also emphasize the necessity of spending time with ourselves.

It is easy to get caught up in the rush of newborn chores that you neglect your needs and demands. After all, if you aren’t feeling your best self, you cannot be fully present for your baby.

So take a break! Give yourself time off and away. Go for a walk or soak in a hot tub. Because Invidyo will be your eyes and ears while you are away.

You can watch your baby no matter where you are – straight from your phone. Not just your eyes and ears, Invidyo also allows you to talk to your baby. The Two-Way Communication feature allows you to “tap in” and converse with your child.

Invidyo, will make you feel like you are in the room with your infant – always everpresent.

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Invidyo Keeps Your Baby Safe

Nothing is more important than your baby’s safety and security. Not knowing your baby is protected can drive any parent up the wall. We understand that fear, and we have lived through it. That’s why Stranger Alerts is an integral part of the Invidyo experience.

Stranger Alerts

Invidyo’s Stranger Alerts protect your child when you are away. No matter where you are, the Invidyo app will show you who approaches and interacts with your child. You can choose to save recognized faces for family members and loved ones.

Anyone else, whom the camera does not recognize, will instantly be flagged, and you will be notified with a Smart Alert sent to your phone. The Invidyo Monitor gives you peace of mind about your infant.

This baby monitor has your back. This feature is incredibly important to protect your child and ensure their security, especially when you are not around.

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Invidyo Captures All Your Memories

We know just how important every moment in your baby’s life is. We understand the need to capture 200 photos of your baby clenching and unclenching their tiny fist. 50 more photos of your baby smiling at you? Yes! Absolutely necessary!

But, we also understand how capturing every single memory-to-be can be impossibly challenging. So we made sure Invidyo takes care of that for you. Invidyo will capture all of your baby’s memories and store them for you.


Imagine this! You’re throwing your baby’s first birthday. You have your plate full. There is cake to arrange, kids to look after, games to play, and so much more.

So who is capturing all the happy moments? That’s right. Invidyo is capturing everything. Invidyo will film the whole day for you.

Using Smart AI technology, the baby monitor records, and stores short 20-second-long Event Recordings each time audio or motion is detected. Using the Memory Clips feature, you can stitch together several recordings and create a longer video.

Filtering through your Memories later is super easy, too. You can tag each Memory Clip with a “mood” using emoji reactions. You can search for Memories using the tagged mood or the title (e.g. heartwarming memories tagged with the Heart emoji).

Daily Summaries

Invidyo also generates automated Daily Summaries. At the end of the day, you can have a quick run-through of your child’s whole day. Highlighting your child’s most memorable moments during the day, Invidyo compiles them all in a short summary.

Parents love Daily Summaries because it allows them to catch up with anything they may have missed. If you had your head turned away for a moment, don’t worry! Invidyo is watching.

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Invidyo Helps You & Your Baby Sleep Better

Can’t go to sleep because you’re worried your baby might wake up any minute? Yep, we know what that is like. Sleep does not come easily during the early weeks as a new parent.

Whether it is worry or weariness, you will develop a problematic relationship with sleep. But we’re here to tell you that it does not have to be that way. Invidyo helps improve your and your baby’s sleep in three crucial ways.


Invidyo records your baby’s sleep periods in short video clips. You can revisit these clips to check on your baby’s sleep quality. Besides, they also help you determine and eliminate sources of disturbance.

In case your child cries or moves at any point during their sleep, Invidyo will capture the event for you. A detailed breakdown of your child’s sleep habits and patterns is crucial for every parent.

Whether you want to monitor your baby’s sleep for your peace of mind or if you are at the sleep training stage, Invidyo’s Sleep Tracking will help you.

White Noise & Lullabies

We equipped Invidyo with a library of gentle sounds that help lull your baby to sleep. From White Noise to Lullabies, you can choose to play a soothing soundtrack to put your little one to bed.

Some parents prefer to use these sounds when putting their babies to sleep. Other parents have found that white noise or lullabies are great for lulling their infants back to sleep.

The best part is that you can set the Invidyo Baby Cam to play your baby’s favorite tunes by operating playback remotely through the app.

Sleep Tracking

With just a few taps, you can log your baby’s sleep periods into the Invidyo app. After that, just leave it to Invidyo to work its magic.

Using the inputted data, Invidyo will map out intuitive graphs to assist you in understanding your child’s sleeping patterns. These graphs help you determine if your baby is getting enough sleep. You can easily assess your baby’s sleep quality by comparing sleep frequency and duration each day.

The Sleep Tracking feature greatly assists parents in monitoring and understanding their baby’s sleep. Now, you don’t have to worry about your child sleeping well or getting enough sleep. The data will tell you precisely what you need to know.

Automated Sleep Tracking

Our next update will automate Sleep Tracking. In this update, the Baby Cam will automatically calculate, read, and determine your baby’s sleep frequency and duration. Automated Sleep Tracking is currently in Beta Testing mode and will officially roll out to the Invidyo Family soon!

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Invidyo Tracks Your Baby’s Health

Generally, babies exhibit signs and symptoms of illness in 2 ways. They either cough or cry, and nothing worries parents more than a sick baby. The tricky part is knowing if the coughing and/or crying is indicative of an illness or if it’s just your baby being fussy.

Cough & Cry Analysis

We decided we needed to make understanding your child’s condition easier. This is where Invidyo comes in with Cough & Cry Analysis. The Invidyo Baby Cam instantly notifies you when your baby coughs or cries and also studies the data collected.

Invidyo will generate an hourly and daily summary of each coughing and crying episode using the accumulated data. Each episode is also paired with a video that allows you to check the cause of coughing or crying.

The Cough & Cry Analysis feature has been very helpful to our Invidyo Parents. Parents took appropriate courses of action early on, based on the information gathered by Invidyo.

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Invidyo Keeps You Informed At All Times

Now that you know that Invidyo will act as your resident pair of eyes and ears while also playing the role of a mouthpiece, we’d like to introduce you to Smart Alerts.

Smart Alerts

Invidyo will also assume the role of your personal messenger. Using Smart Alerts, Invidyo keeps you informed of every detail concerning your baby. You can choose which alerts you want to be notified about and customize the app according to your needs.

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To sum it all up, we designed the Invidyo Bundle because we understand the struggles of parenting. As much as we wanted the journey to be simpler, easier and smoother for us, we want the same for you too.

Because it is possible. Gone are the days when you have to do it all by yourself. Let Invidyo give you a hand and bring home reliable smart baby monitoring.

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