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Automated Sleep Tracking – Better Sleep For You & Your Baby


Do you catch yourself thinking, “is my baby getting enough sleep?” Are you worried that your little one isn’t sleeping enough? A lot of new parents do. You’re not alone. These are very important concerns that must be addressed.

Scientific studies have proven that sleep in the first 24 months of a baby’s life is crucial for physical, mental, and cognitive development. Irregularities in sleep and insufficient sleep can adversely affect your baby’s development.

So the question is: how can you make sure your baby gets enough sleep? Easy! You need to monitor their sleep patterns and habits.

Manually monitoring your baby’s sleep can be exhausting and close to impossible. This is where Invidyo comes in.

When we designed Invidyo, we wanted to make parenting easier for every parent out there. Designed by parents, for parents, Invidyo is the only tool you will need to:

  • track your baby’s health and development
  • monitor your baby 24/7
  • stay in touch with your baby from anywhere
  • capture all of your baby’s happiest moments
  • protect your baby from strangers

When it comes to better sleep for your baby, Invidyo’s latest upgrade boasts the convenience of Automated Sleep Tracking.

In the latest update to the Invidyo App, you don’t need to manually input any of your baby’s sleep information.

How Does Automated Sleep Tracking Work

The Invidyo Baby Cam monitors, tracks, and records your baby’s sleep periods. Using the accumulated data, it uses advanced data analysis to provide detailed insights regarding your baby’s sleep habits.

What Information Is Provided To Parents

Automated Sleep Tracking will assist you in understanding and monitoring your baby’s sleep habits and patterns. 

You don’t have to guess whether your toddler is getting enough sleep or not. Invidyo will provide accurate data to keep you informed of your child’s sleep, such as:

  • sleep frequency, duration, and quality
  • time periods when baby is napping, sleeping and awake
  • daily and weekly summaries of baby’s sleep behavior
  • detailed analysis of cry and sleep periods

You can access the daily or weekly summary to see your baby’s sleep trends. Each sleep, nap, and awake period is accompanied by a video recording.

This helps you determine any sources of disturbance or reasons behind interrupted sleep.

When we designed the Invidyo Baby Camera, we wanted to offer parents the ultimate parenting gadget.

That is why one of our stellar features is Sleep Tracking – now completely automated.

Sleep Training With Automated Sleep Tracking

If you have reached the stage where you should begin sleep training, the next step is figuring out which method to use.

If you are unsure which sleep training method to follow, read this helpful list of the most common sleep training methods.

The Automated Sleep Tracking feature will be your best friend when you start sleep training your baby.

Many parents are familiar with the Cry It Out (CIO) method. However, it’s not the only sleep training method.

In fact, a gentler and largely popular sleep training is the Ferber method. It is also called graduated extinction, check and console, interval method and progressive waiting.

The Ferber method involves checking on the baby, without consoling or engaging with them, at gradually increasing, spaced intervals.

For instance, let your baby cry for 3 minutes and then check on them. Your presence alone should be enough. Do not pick your baby up.

Next time, check on them after 5 minutes. The next time, increase that interval to 10 minutes.

The following table demonstrates the recommended time intervals for the Ferber method spanning one week.

1st Interval

2nd Interval

3rd Interval

Successive Intervals

Day 1

3 mins

5 mins

10 mins

10 mins

Day 2

5 mins

10 mins

12 mins

12 mins

Day 3

10 mins

12 mins

15 mins

15 mins

Day 4

12 mins

15 mins

17 mins

17 mins

Day 5

15 mins

17 mins

20 mins

20 mins

Day 6

17 mins

20 mins

25 mins

25 mins

Day 7

20 mins

25 mins

30 mins

30 mins

Ideally, it should take a few days for you to start seeing results. You will notice that your baby is falling asleep faster, and the intervals of wait are getting longer.

Automated Sleep Tracking helps you monitor your baby while sleep training.

Sleep training essentially instills self-soothing and independence in your baby. However, as a parent, you can easily get stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious about your baby’s well-being.

Is my baby crying because something happened, or is this just a part of the sleep training process? This is a common thought that occurs to many parents.

With Invidyo, you can watch your baby throughout the waiting interval in Ferber sleep training, Cry It Out, or any other method you choose. 

Monitor Your Baby’s Progress Using Intuitive Graphs

Invidyo’s detailed graphs allow you to monitor your baby’s progress. You can track daily and weekly progress.

Owing to the differences between the various sleep training methods, progress looks different with each one.

For example, you should begin seeing results within 3-4 days with the Ferber method. Other sleep training methods could take longer until you begin seeing any progress.

Using Automated Sleep Tracking, you can monitor your baby’s progress and see if your sleep training method is working.

Watch Your Baby Fall Asleep

You can safely watch your baby from a distance without worrying about their safety or the cause behind their tears.

Sleep training can be tough; it is easy to cave when your little one is bawling their eyes out. We’ve been there!

That is why we found that watching your baby from afar with Invidyo helps alleviate a lot of stress. As long as you can see that your baby is not in harm’s way, the waiting intervals in sleep training become easier to handle.

How Will Automated Sleep Tracking Help You

Invidyo’s Automated Sleep Tracking hosts a slew of advantages. By monitoring your baby while they sleep, this feature:

  • aids with sleep training
  • tells you how much sleep your baby is getting
  • outlines sleep abnormalities
  • detects sources of disturbance
  • maps out your baby’s sleep pattern
  • provides detailed analysis of wake, sleep, and nap periods

The Invidyo Subscription

The all-inclusive Invidyo Baby Monitor provides contactless 24/7 monitoring, and the App provides access to all features right from your phone.

With an Invidyo subscription, you will never have to purchase new hardware. Our subscribers benefit from all new releases and updates instantly.

Besides, when you get an Invidyo subscription, the Smart AI Powered Baby Monitor is included free of charge!

You can visit our FAQs to learn more about the Invidyo Subscription model.

Learn More About Invidyo Subscription!

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