8 Reasons Invidyo Is The Right Choice


Being a new parent can be overwhelming. Without the right support, it is easy to get lost and confused in this brand-new world.

For a new parent, being buried in responsibilities, chores, and duties you cannot seem to get out of is the norm. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Are you a new parent? Did you just welcome a beautiful new addition to your family? Chances are, you’re stressed out and overburdened without any idea how to handle things.

Well, take it from us (also parents) you need a good baby monitor to take the load off your hands. When we designed Invidyo, we had experienced the woes of parenting.

And we wanted to make life easier for ourselves and for every other parent out there. Here are X reasons you need Invidyo in your life.

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Always Stay Connected

The Invidyo Bundle comprises of two parts: an Invidyo Baby Monitor and the Invidyo App. One is a physical product that you install in your nursery. And the other is an App that you install on your phone.

You can watch your baby, see them, hear them, and even talk to them from anywhere. You could be on a business trip in another city, and still watch your little one.

This helps new parents a lot in maintaining life’s routines while being present with their newborn.

P.S. The Invidyo Subscription gives you access to all the features within the App as well as a FREE Invidyo Baby Monitor.

360° Vision

The Invidyo Camera is the only baby monitor that gives you 360° vision of your child’s surroundings. The Baby Cam operates with remote pan and tilt.

That means you can use the App to rotate the camera in any direction you like. It gives you a complete view of the entire room.

Although the camera is designed to be placed anywhere, it also comes with a free wall mount. If you want to install the camera on the wall instead of by the crib or on the mantlepiece, you can do that too.

How cool is that?

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Never Purchase More Hardware

Unlike its competitors, Invidyo is a singular stand-alone product. You will never need to purchase any gadgets to complement your Invidyo experience.

We designed the Invidyo Camera to be the only product you need. We understand the hassle of connecting and using multiple gadgets all too well.

That’s why with Invidyo, you will never have to deal with that. It’s always going to be just one product.

Access To The Smartest & Latest Technology

As we grow and learn from our parenting journeys, we keep updating Invidyo to host the smartest and latest technology.

Being the World’s Smartest AI Powered Baby Monitor, we aim to maintain that title. And the best part?

All our new features, releases, and updates are accessible via the App with a subscription. Once you become a subscriber, you have access to all of it.

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Multiple User Support

Would you like the whole family to access the monitor’s feed? You can do that.

There is no upper limit to how many users can access your Invidyo Baby Cam‘s feed. You can add the nanny, your little one’s grandparents, or anyone else you like.

Multiple Monitor App Support

The Invidyo App also supports multiple monitors. If you want to keep on eye on more than one child or multiple rooms and you’ve installed multiple Baby Cams around the house, guess what?

You can access all of their feeds through the Invidyo App. Besides, if you access the feed from your computer, you can view up to 16 monitors’ feeds in one go.

Doesn’t this put you at ease? You have complete control, parents. And with Invidyo, you always will.

Superior HD Quality

Invidyo gives you superior 1080P HD for videos and photos. Whether it is Memory Clips or snapshots from Smile Capture, you will always enjoy high-quality photos and videos.

This is not limited to daytime. Invidyo’s Night Vision video feed is equally high quality. Invidyo Parents love the high-definition nighttime videos.

You won’t have to worry about watching a dark screen or needing extra light in the room to keep an eye on your baby.

Timeless In Every Sense

Invidyo is timeless in its usability as well as its function. From timeless memories captured to growing with your child, Invidyo is here to stay. 

Unlike the other gadgets, toys, and accessories you will need to throw out as your baby grows, Invidyo is ageless. It’s an investment for a lifetime.

Once your little one grows up, the monitor can double as a babysitter cam. You can even use it for home security purposes.

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Needless to say, investing in an Invidyo Bundle is a wise decision – both from a parental perspective and a financial one. Have you grabbed yours yet?

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