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Talking to your baby is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to help them grow. Not only does it influence language development, but it also promotes communication. Even during the earliest stages of development, talking to your baby supports their emotional and social development.

Your baby begins to communicate with you through body language, crying, and facial expressions well before they begin to speak. To help your baby grow and develop, it is important to respond to their cues. This assures your baby that you are attentive to their needs. Now, we all know how busy parenting life can get. And that means, sometimes, you cannot be physically present with your baby to actively respond, communicate and interact with them.

This is where Invidyo comes into play. Invidyo’s superior two-way communication allows parents to communicate with their infant(s) at all times with a simple button press.

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Benefits Of Talking To Your Baby

There is a myriad of benefits of talking to your baby. It improves communication skills, builds their vocabulary, and helps with their development. Moreover, it establishes a stronger connection between parent and child.

Just because your baby is not responding to you using coherent words does not mean they are not being impacted by your words. Consistent and prolonged communication with your infant is vital for supporting their early development and language skills. Not sure how to talk to your baby?

How To Talk To Your Baby

For the most part, talking to your baby is an instinct that all parents have. However, new parents sometimes struggle to communicate with their infants during the first few months. This period can be especially challenging because your baby cannot talk. Hence, parents struggle to communicate, unsure what to say or even when.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you maneuver this period:

  • Use a soft tone
  • Add excitement to your voice
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Hum or sing to your baby
  • Shorter sentences are better
  • Address your baby by their name
  • Say things that make your baby smile or laugh

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Bridge The Distance With Invidyo

Invidyo’s advanced two-way communication system allows you to stay in touch with your baby at all times. It doesn’t matter where you are or how far from home; you can still be present for your little one. Aside from hearing and seeing your baby through the Invidyo App, you can also talk to your baby by activating the two-way mic option button.

This wonderful feature allows parents to be present without hovering or shadowing their baby. Some parents wonder just how essential this feature is because, let’s face it, you can always walk over to your child’s room to communicate with them. But sometimes, you need to grab groceries while your child is napping. Or you might lie down for a bit to get some rest. Your child might play in the other room while you pop into the kitchen for a snack or a cup of coffee.

What happens if you need to console your infant at those times? These are all everyday situations that can easily surface in any parent’s life. With Invidyo, you do not need to be physically present at all times. Invidyo keeps you close to your child every minute of the day right from your phone.

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Lullabies and White Noise

One of the many different ways you can improve your child’s development and overall quality of life with Invidyo is with the white noise and lullabies feature.

White noise helps immensely in improving sleeping patterns and calming your baby down. Babies tend to sleep fast with white noise playing in the background. Besides, white noise also helps block out other sources of disturbance, such as loud siblings or a busy neighborhood.

Invidyo also offers parents the chance to play soothing lullabies. Using the Invidyo App, you can choose to play a pre-loaded lullaby to soothe your baby or lull them to sleep. This extra level of comfort allows parents to ensure maximum comfort for their little ones at all times.


Invidyo is a Smart AI Powered Baby Monitor designed to help parents watch over their baby at all times. It offers contactless monitoring, cough and cry detection, stranger alerts, and intuitive data analysis to inform parents about their baby’s health and wellbeing.

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