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Invidyo boasts a family of 10,000+ happy and satisfied parents. Now while we have full faith in our product and work towards improving it to cater to our Invidyo Family’s needs, we want you to hear about what Invidyo does right from parents’ mouths. So, hear it from mamas and papas that have used Invidyo and LOVE it!

What Do Parents Love About Invidyo

Across all the heartwarming reviews shared, some features stood out more than others. Parents lauded multiple aspects of our product. And because we follow up with our customers every step, we know what they like and what troubles them. If you are on the fence about getting an Invidyo Baby Cam, read on to find out what parents think of Invidyo.

Ease of Installation

“I really liked the ease of installation” – User

One of the things that most Invidyo Parents mention is simply how easy it is to install Invidyo in your home. Our parents love reiterating the “ease of installation” whenever they leave us a glowing review. The Invidyo Baby Cam is super quick and easy to set up and install. It takes only a matter of minutes for you to be in complete viewing control.

“Installation was easy.” Yalin M

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Invidyo App (Baby Tracking & Recording)

“It’s great to be able to get push notifications on my
phone at the slightest movement or noise.” Talia P

Parents absolutely love the amount of control and supervision that the Invidyo App allows them. From monitoring their child’s movements to notifying them of the presence of strangers (Stranger Alert), the app uses push notifications to keep parents updated at all times. 

“It’s almost a seamless application really.
I am super impressed with this product.” Paige

The app is foolproof, and hence, parents that swear they have no capacity to deal with “tech” find it super simple to use. Besides, the Cough and Cry features also let you know when your little one is uncomfortable. Moreover, the advanced Sleep Tracking feature monitors sleep and awake periods and draws up analytical charts to help you better understand your child’s sleeping habits.

“It records everything.” Jessie J

Parents also love the Recording feature that allows them to revisit their baby’s day. The high-quality recordings are accessible for viewing at a later time and can also be saved to an external drive allowing you to save timeless memories forever.

“The camera can be set to start recording for audio or motion sensors.” Roxy

Sensitive Motion Detection

“I was looking for a good quality camera that would alert me
in real time if my cat got in the crib. This one does!” Jenascia

A highly lauded feature, Invidyo’s Motion Detection is superior and sensitive. It notifies you of the presence of any unwanted movement around your baby. It also notifies you when your baby moves, which is ideal for watching them sleep. This ensures that the security level you provide your child with is above average.

“It’s sensitive with detection.” – Jessie J

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Staying Present and In Touch

“With instant notifications and two-way communication, we
can always stay in touch regardless of where we are..” – Julie C

Invidyo was designed to bridge any gaps of communication or distance between parents and their babies. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or work 5 days a week, you can always stay in touch with your baby. You can be present to your full capacity. By talking to your baby and watching over them, it’s almost as if you are right there in the room with them.

Wide Angle and Remote Pan & Tilt

“It’s great coverage from just one camera.” Julie C.

Source: BabyCareMag Review

The 360° wide-angle camera allows you to see the entire room. And what’s even better? You can use the remote pan and tilt feature to focus on particular aspects of the nursery you want to watch.

“I really like this camera. It allows seeing the whole room with
rotating camera and remote control over my phone.”
Jacob R.

You can keep an eye on your baby at all times by watching their space right from your phone. Not only does the wide-angle camera already provide you with a spacious viewing angle, but it can also be panned however you want.

“You can see the entire room with just a single
camera which is awesome!”
Kimberly H

HQ Video Quality

“I can zoom in close enough to see her breathing.” Jenascia

One thing that sets Invidyo farther apart from competitors is the HQ Video Quality it has to offer. Whether it is night mode or recordings, Invidyo does not compromise on video quality. We understand the importance of closely monitoring your baby in every capacity you want.

The video quality really impressed me
because it really looked pretty clear.”
Selda A

Multiple User Streaming

“My boyfriend and I have it connected to our cellphones
so we can both monitor our last anytime we need to.” User

There is no limit to how many users can have access to the Baby Cam feed. The entire family can download the app and watch the baby at all times. Invidyo Parents have found that incredibly helpful in taking turns keeping an eye on their baby.

“I love that my husband and I can both download
the app and see our lil one any time.”

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“OMG, Ten Star Peace of Mind for an Affordable Price for most parents!!” BaliDreamer

Our price tag for the Invidyo all-inclusive experience is great value for money. Parents can subscribe to the Invidyo Care Bundle for just $14.99/mo and get the Invidyo Baby Cam for FREE. 

“This monitor provides a lot of data in addition to video monitoring.
Others that are this capable go for around $300.” Turkish

Overall, the Invidyo experience is one that promotes ease of use and mind. Unlike our competitors, the Invidyo experience is not divided across multiple gadgets, apps, and tools. It is an all-in-one monitor that is easy to set up and install, paired with a remarkable app that places you in full control.

Our happy family of 10,000+ parents is overjoyed with the Invidyo experience. You have heard it straight from them!

“Makes me feel so much better about the safety of my baby!” Antuant


Invidyo is a Smart AI Powered Baby Monitor designed to help parents watch over their baby at all times. It offers contactless monitoring, cough and cry detection, stranger alerts, and intuitive data analysis to inform parents about their baby’s health and wellbeing.

Subscribe to the Invidyo Care Bundle for $20/month and get a FREE Invidyo Baby Cam! 

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