Top 3 Invidyo Baby Cam Features


Adding a baby monitor to the baby nursery is something every parent has considered at some point. Whether you are a new parent or you have more than one child, we’re sure you have considered getting a monitor. Trust us, we have been there ourselves. This is precisely what led us to bring Invidyo to life.

For years, we researched and studied the market as well as our own parental lives. We wanted to create the perfect baby monitor – by parents, for parents. We designed Invidyo to help parents, not unlike yourself, better understand their babies. The Invidyo Baby Cam is an essential addition to every nursery as it boasts a slew of incredible and highly relevant features.

Out of all of Invidyo’s amazing features, there are 3 main ones that stand out. But, don’t just take our word for it! These features are equally loved by the grand majority of our family of 10,000+ parents. Let’s get right into it!

Sleep Tracking

According to research, adequate sleep in the first 2 years of your baby’s life is critical. The first 24 months impact the cognitive and physical growth of your child immensely. That is why it is important to track your baby’s sleep closely.

With Invidyo, you can do that simply and quickly. You don’t even need to input any information manually. Invidyo automatically collects information from your baby’s sleep environment and uses intuitive graphs to help you observe and understand your child’s sleeping patterns. This makes it very easy and convenient for you to ensure that your child is getting enough sleep.

With automated Invidyo Sleep Tracking our trusted Invidyo Baby Cam automatically calculates, reads, and determines your baby’s sleep timings and patterns. 

Smile Capture

Moving on to Smile Capture, Invidyo Baby Cam shares parents’ joys and babies’ laughter. We all know just how precious our babies’ smiles and laughter are. And oh, how it breaks our hearts to miss out on that joy! That is why Invidyo captures your baby’s smile for you.

A pristine, high-quality photo is captured by the Invidyo Baby Cam every time your baby laughs or smiles. Now you never have to worry about missing another happy moment.

Cough & Cry Analysis

Nothing worries us, parents, more than an ailing baby. Whether your child is crying excessively or exhibiting symptoms of illness, it is important to be aware of your child’s condition. This is where Invidyo comes swooping in. Not only does the Invidyo Baby Cam instantly notify you when your baby coughs or cries, but it also studies the data collected.

Invidyo will calculate the number of times your child coughs and/or cries. At the end of every day, you can access a neat summary of every coughing and/or crying episode throughout the past 24 hours. This handy feature is of great help to parents and helps you determine an adequate course of action.

So what are you waiting for? Bring reliable baby monitoring to your home today! You can avail a FREE Invidyo Baby Cam by subscribing to the Invidyo Care Bundle today. We’re absolutely certain you will love your Invidyo experience! And on the very off chance that you change your mind, you can cancel at any time free of charge.

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