Invidyo’s AI Face Recognition – Smile Capture & Stranger Alerts


Smiles are oh so precious! When your baby smiles, the joy you experience as a parent is just unparalleled. It is quite normal to miss out on some of your child’s precious moments as a busy parent. While some parents come to terms with that fact, other parents choose Invidyo’s award-winning Smart Baby Monitor instead.

One of the many redeeming features of Invidyo’s Smart Baby Monitor is Face Recognition. This feature allows for two distinct uses: Smile Capture and Stranger Alerts!

Smile Capture

Invidyo is the number one choice amongst parents for capturing all of your favorite moments. The integrated smile detection uses artificial intelligence to capture your child’s happiest moments. Equipped with a clear 1080P HD camera, the monitor’s snaps preserve your child’s happiest moments exceptionally.

The camera captures beautiful photos of your child’s precious smile and also preserves these happy moments in a dedicated album. You can always access these photos later to review your child’s day or to share in their happiness throughout the day.

As parents, we understand how tough it can be to spend every waking moment with your baby. Now with Invidyo, that undue pressure on parents has also been whisked away. With a smart AI-Powered baby monitor that acts as your eyes and ears, you no longer need to be physically present around your child at all times. Plus, you never miss out on a single smile!

Stranger Alerts

Now to delve into the second use of the Face Recognition feature! Invidyo’s Stranger Alerts give parents the security they seek while away from their children. You can be anywhere else and access the Invidyo app through your phone to see who entered your baby’s nursery or approached your child.

This works perfectly for parents who entertain a lot of visitors or spend a sizable portion of the day away from their children. Even if you have hired help or a nanny, the Invidyo Monitor gives you the peace of mind you seek regarding who interacted with your infant. This baby monitor has your back.

Through mobile alerts, you will be instantly notified about the presence of anyone you have not marked as a recognized acquaintance. This feature is incredibly important to protect your child and ensure their security at all times, even when you are not physically present.

The peace of knowing that you have the knowledge of every visitor as well as the joy of having all of your child’s precious smiles in one place makes Invidyo the top choice for parents. Its user-friendly interface, pocket-friendly price tag, and award-winning deck of features ensure that parents are well-informed and children are protected at all times.

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