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You Won’t Believe How Invidyo Helped This Mama


Taylor is a working mama like many thousands of parents in the country. She has work to manage and a busy schedule that keeps her occupied for the better half of the day. Like every other mama, Taylor has difficulty managing her time between work and spending quality hours with her baby.

On the lookout for a solution, Taylor decided to try out a baby monitor. She ran the idea past her partner, who thought it was a good idea, but he had his reservations.

“Are you sure a baby monitor will help you be more present?”

“Well, at least I can keep an eye on my baby while being away,” answered Taylor.

Taylor also asked her friends. She ran the idea with her mom group and asked for suggestions for the best baby monitor. Some of her friends thought she was not being a good mom.

“You know, you can just spend more time with your baby!”

“You will miss all of your baby’s milestones.”

“Who will record your baby’s first word? Or smiles?”

“If you won’t be there to protect your baby, how can you be sure they are safe?”

“You mean you can’t even talk to your baby at any time? That could never be me!”

“How will you notice signs or symptoms of sickness if your baby catches the flu?”

“What if your baby wakes up and needs you?”

Taylor thought about her friends’ questions. She juggled with the idea that perhaps she was not being a very good mother. Maybe getting a baby monitor was just “lazy parenting,” as her friends described.

But she wasn’t lazy. She was a busy mom with a lot on her plate who was trying her best to do well by her baby.

One day at the end of another long day at work, Taylor was unwinding before bed, scrolling through Instagram. That is when she came across a video about Invidyo.

She had been seeing a lot of Instagram ads for baby monitors lately. But this time, it was not an ad. It was a review by one of the mamas she follows.

Curious to learn more, Taylor navigated to Invidyo’s Instagram page to learn more. And so began her journey to becoming an Invidyo Mama.

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Invidyo’s Price Tag

One of the first things Taylor did was check the price tag for Invidyo. Taylor was surprised that she could get an Invidyo Baby Cam for FREE by subscribing to the Invidyo Care Bundle for $20.

She could cancel at any time. And in a year, the Invidyo Baby Cam could be all hers to keep.

The Invidyo Care Bundle would give her access to the full Invidyo platform, mobile app, and all features.

This looked like a steal.

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The Invidyo Mobile App

Taylor checked out Invidyo’s mobile app. With the app, she could always keep an eye on her baby.

Grocery shopping, attending meetings, running errands, and every other task didn’t seem all that difficult anymore. Invidyo’s Smart Notifications would update her about her baby throughout the day. She knew that Invidyo would always keep her close to her baby.

invidyo smart notifications

Her baby was now literally in her pocket. She could spend every minute with her baby and carry on everyday chores and duties.

Invidyo Memories

invidyo memories

Taylor was excited to learn that Invidyo captures the baby’s precious moments. Using Smart AI technology, Invidyo records and stores 20-second long Event Recordings of detected audio or motion. Taylor could always access those within the app, later.

With the Memory Clips, Invidyo allows stitching together multiple Event Recordings to create a lengthier video. That way Taylor would not have to worry about missing any of her baby’s milestones.

From birthdays to special occasions, Taylor would not even need to record the day on her phone. Invidyo would capture the events of the day and later, Taylor could simply stitch the Event Recordings together and make a Memory video of her baby’s day.

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Smile Capture

invidyo smile capture

Taylor kept thinking about her friend’s words: “Who will record your baby’s first word? Or smiles?”

Invidyo will. Using a clear 1080P HD camera and smart AI technology, Invidyo snaps photos of the baby’s happiest moments. Taylor also learned about the dedicated Smile album, which stores every smile captured.

Taylor would never have to worry about missing a smile or word again. Invidyo would be her eyes and ears while she was away.

Stranger Alerts

While Taylor’s friends worried about her baby’s security, Taylor was ahead of the curve. She had read about Invidyo’s Stranger Alerts and knew just what to do to keep her baby safe.

Invidyo’s Face Recognition technology did more than just capture smiles. It also tagged unfamiliar faces.

Taylor could easily save familiar faces in the app to avoid false alarms when close family members approached the baby. Anyone else would instantly trigger a Smart Alert to Taylor’s phone notifying her that a stranger was around.

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Two-way Communication

invidyo two way communication

Taylor’s ears were still ringing with her friends’ words. “You mean you can’t talk to your baby at any time?”

But that wasn’t true anymore. Invidyo came with two-way communication. She could talk to her baby with just the tap of a button.

She could have conversations with her baby from anywhere at any time.

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Cough & Cry Analysis

invidyo cough cry analysis

“How will you notice signs or symptoms of sickness if your baby catches the flu?”

An absent parent would not notice the signs of forthcoming illness. And with babies, there are usually two distinct signs of discomfort i.e. coughing and crying.

Taylor noticed that Invidyo provided a detailed cough and cry breakdown and summary, both daily and weekly.

Sleep Tracking

invidyo sleep tracking

“What if your baby wakes up and needs you?”

Invidyo allowed Taylor to enter her baby’s sleep information in just a few clicks. The app then generated intuitive graphs to help her monitor her baby’s sleep patterns.

That way Taylor could always see if her baby was getting enough sleep. This would also later help Taylor with sleep training.

Every sleeping period was paired with a video that helped Taylor watch her baby sleep. This was very useful to determine sources of disturbance or noise and reasons for interrupted sleep.

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After thoroughly reviewing Invidyo’s features, Taylor decided to make the purchase. She was confident that Invidyo would be the answer to all her woes and worries. 


If you are also struggling to balance work, personal time, and being present with your baby, Invidyo is a Smart AI Powered Baby Monitor designed to help parents watch over their baby at all times. 

It offers contactless monitoring, cough and cry detection, stranger alerts, and intuitive data analysis to inform parents about their baby’s health and well-being.

Subscribe to the Invidyo Care Bundle for $20/month and get a FREE Invidyo Baby Cam!

Learn More About Invidyo Subscription!

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