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How To Create A Safe Sleep Environment For Your Baby


There are so many factors that play into creating a safe and comfortable sleep environment for your baby. Many things can disturb your baby’s sleep environment and every parent wants a safe and secure sleep environment for their baby. Trust us, as parents, we know!

It goes without saying that you want to make sure that your baby is safe and secure at all times.

On average, newborn babies sleep between 14 to 17 hours a day. Hence, creating a safe sleep environment is crucial for your baby’s growth, development, and well-being.

There are several ways to risk-proof your baby’s sleep environment. This can look like soundproofing the nursery, removing extra items from the cot, installing blackout curtains, or even investing in a baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby.

Alongside these well-known safety tips for parents, we will be stepping back from the obvious and showing you five incredible ways that the Invidyo Baby Monitor can help you make your baby’s environment even safer.

Temperature Detection

Did you know that the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) increases when your baby’s temperature rises? That is why it is very important to make sure the nursery’s temperature is ideal.

Invidyo provides you with Room Temperature Detection. You can set your nursery’s desired temperature range. The ideal baby nursery temperature range is 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Then you can choose to get notified when your nursery temperature falls outside the selected range. This allows you to take necessary measures to ensure an ideal temperature for your baby’s safety.

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Night Vision

Your Invidyo Baby Cam‘s Night Vision settings are set to Auto by default. You can change that by toggling between On or Off as desired.

Invidyo provides crystal clear Night Vision so you can watch your baby in the dark without turning on any light source. This is perfect for watching your baby without disturbing their sleep. 

Now you can keep an eye on your little one through the night to ensure safety and security.

Sound & Motion Detection

Invidyo uses two important and highly sensitive sensors – Audio and Motion.

You have a choice between four options when using Audio or Motion detection:

  • Off
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

By setting the sensitivity of each sensor to your desired level, you can watch over your baby with peace of mind.

The sensitivity levels are set to Medium by default and can be easily adjusted from Settings.

Not only does this reduce anxiety levels for new parents, but it also makes it far easier to keep your baby safe and sound.

Lullabies & White Noise

Babies are used to a certain level of noise during pregnancy. Many parents think pin-drop silence is the best sleep environment for their baby.

But that is not the case. Babies actually hear a lot of sounds while in the womb. The absence of all sounds is abnormal for newborns.

That is why Invidyo comes equipped with Lullabies and White Noise. You can play these sounds right from the App to lull your baby to sleep, regardless of where you are.

Even from a distance, you can comfort your baby and make them feel secure.

Sleep Tracking

The Invidyo Baby Cam monitors, tracks, and records your baby’s sleep periods. Then it uses advanced data analysis to provide detailed insights regarding your baby’s sleep habits.

You don’t have to guess if your baby is getting enough sleep anymore. Invidyo’s accurate data keeps you informed of your child’s sleep.

This includes:

  • periods when baby is napping, sleeping and awake
  • sleep frequency, duration, and quality
  • daily and weekly summaries of baby’s sleep behavior
  • detailed analysis of cry and sleep periods

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By tracking your baby’s sleep patterns alongside monitoring external factors such as temperature and audio or motion, you can better understand the impact of environmental factors on your baby’s sleep quality.

These factors pave the road to creating a safer and more secure sleep environment for your little one.

The Invidyo Bundle

The Invidyo Bundle includes:

  • The Smart AI Powered Invidyo Baby Cam
  • Mobile App with Premium Access to Invidyo Features
  • Flexible Mount to install Invidyo anywhere you like

Invidyo saves you from ever purchasing new hardware again. As an Invidyo Parent, you benefit from all new releases and updates instantly from the app.

You can visit our FAQs to learn more about the Invidyo Subscription model.

Invidyo helps ensure your baby’s sleep environment is as safe and secure as possible. Now you can get a good night’s sleep without worrying about your baby’s sleep environment.

Learn More About The Invidyo Bundle!

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