Baby Wakes Up Crying Hysterically at Night


Has your baby suddenly woken up at night crying like it’s the end of the world?

Something that parents have experienced a lot with their infants, typically babies that are between 2-5 months old, is that the baby wakes up crying hysterically after they have put down to sleep for the night.

The crying can be quite loud and shrill, and frustrating for the parents because it’s sudden and there doesn’t seem to be a logical explanation for baby crying.

Here is what the problem could be:

4 month sleep regression

This sounds intense, but the 4 month sleep regression is a phenomenon that marks a permanent change in your baby’s sleep cycle.

In simple words, this means that your baby’s brain has matured, and their sleeping patterns have become more adult-like. 

Before your baby slept deeply, but after turning 4 months, they will now cycle between light and deep sleep. 

And till they get used to switching cycles, they will wake up in the middle of the night, or even naps, crying inconsolably.

But as long as you stick to your schedule, it should pass.


You can try checking baby’s gums for any little teeth peeking through.

Babies can start teething after 4 months, and it is a very painful process from them to go through.

The best thing you can do is give them some teething toys, or rub something cold on their gums to soothe them till they fall back asleep.


If your baby wakes up crying at the same hour each night, then this could mean they are overtired by the time they fall asleep, and are not able to go in deep sleep.

For this, you can try tweaking their sleep schedule and putting them to bed earlier.

You can also have their feed ready before their crying starts, so it will put them back to sleep quicker.

Purple crying

Purple crying does not mean that your baby cries till they turn purple. It is an acronym that describes inconsolable crying for hours with nothing actual being wrong.

Babies go through this phase anywhere between 2 weeks to 4 months of age. 

This may be incredibly frustrating for parents, but we hope you find solace in the fact that it is temporary.


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