Colic Detection With Invidyo Smart Cry Analysis


All babies cry. After all, that is their only means of communication.

But just because babies cry doesn’t mean that all crying is normal. Your baby might have colic.

If you don’t know about colic, that is okay. Many parents are not familiar with it because we expect babies to cry.

Does My Baby Have Colic?

Colic is when your infant cries more than 3 hours a day. This pattern continues daily, exceeding 3 days a week, pushing 3+ more weeks. If you start noticing this pattern, then your baby has colic.

Every baby is susceptible to getting colic. Premie babies have a higher chance of being colicky. 

Your baby’s gender, feeding method, or birth order does not factor into getting colic. However, you would be happy to know that colic does not affect your baby’s growth or development. 

Instead, how you deal with colic affects your baby’s growth and development.

The average age at which babies become colic is 3 weeks of age. But colic can start as early as when your baby is 2 weeks old. 

Colic strikes with full intensity around 4 to 6 weeks of age. On the upside, it disappears entirely on its own. But on the downside, it can last up to 6 months of age. 

It can be quite difficult to calm a colicky baby down. The difference between normal and colic crying is that a colicky baby will cry for no apparent reason. 

Some of the ways that colic becomes obvious are:

  • high-pitched crying and screaming
  • stiffness in limbs
  • crying spells occur at the same time every day
  • muscle clenching in limbs and hands
  • pale or red-faced baby

In most cases, colic spells occur around evening, close to 6 pm. 

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The best and easiest way to detect colic in your baby is with Invidyo’s Smart Cry Analysis feature.

What Is Invidyo Smart Cry Analysis?

Invidyo’s Smart AI Monitor is the only baby monitor on the market that provides parents with Smart Cry Analysis.

The monitor records every crying session on an hourly basis. It provides you with a daily and weekly count of how many times your infant cried and for how long.

Moreover, it also provides a visual representation of when your baby cried during the day. That means every crying session is paired with an accompanying video.

This helps you detect the source, cause, and reason behind your baby’s outbursts. Ultimately, this feature helps you improve the quality of your baby’s life.

Why Is Smart Cry Analysis Important?

When we designed this feature, it was to help parents in several ways. As parents, we saw the need for analyzing and tracking our babies’ crying habits and patterns.

Keep an eye on your baby

If you are a working parent and rely on another caregiver to look after your baby, this feature helps you keep an eye on your baby.

You will be instantly notified when your baby starts crying through a Smart Instant Notification received on your phone.

Understand your baby better

The Smart Cry feature helps you understand your baby better. Being the only way your baby can communicate during the early months of their life, it is important to pay attention when your baby cries.

Babies cry for several reasons. These include:

  • hunger
  • dirty diapers
  • overstimulation
  • gas or digestive problems
  • discomfort or pain
  • insecurity or unsafety

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How Does Invidyo’s Smart Cry Analysis Work?

The Invidyo App collects your baby’s crying data and displays the information on two smart graphs.

Crying Count Graph

The Crying Count graph shows you a numeric representation of how often your baby cries. This graph shows you a daily summary of the number of times your baby has cried.

Crying Duration Graph

The Crying Duration graph provides you with the duration for which your baby cries. During the whole day, you can see exactly when and how long your baby cried.

The best part is that each Cry period is accompanied by a recorded video. You can use this to determine if your baby is crying on their own or due to some external trigger.

Moreover, the app provides a detailed analysis and summary (on a weekly basis) of your baby’s crying habits and patterns.

The summary includes:

  • Total Cry Counts
  • Total Duration of Crying, and
  • Longest Crying Duration

You can study these metrics either on a daily or weekly basis.

Detecting Colic Using Smart Cry Analysis

So far, we know that colic:

  • occurs at the same time every day
  • lasts for at least 3 hours daily
  • continues for more than 3 days per week
  • persists for longer than 3 weeks
  • does not have any apparent cause
  • results in visible physical changes such as muscle stiffness and pale or red-faced baby

Invidyo’s Smart Cry Analysis can easily help you find out if you have a colic baby on your hands.

This feature provides you with:

  • the exact time when your baby cries
  • the exact duration of how long your baby has cried
  • daily summaries of your baby’s cry periods and durations
  • accompanying videos to help you locate any sources of distress
  • a weekly summary of your baby’s crying patterns

Using this feature will easily help you identify whether your baby has colic or not. You will be better equipped to deal with the situation if you notice colicky patterns. 

Understanding and addressing your baby’s needs will allow you to remove any sources of discomfort and improve the quality of your and your baby’s life. 

The best part is that the interface is super simple and easy to use. The graphs are simple to read and easy to navigate. 

You can read through and navigate the data accumulated and the information provided without any external assistance. 

Being the only baby monitor that uses AI technology to track, record, and analyze your child’s crying habits, the Invidyo Smart AI Monitor is essential for every nursery. Smart Cry Analysis is only one of the many features provided in this all-rounder baby monitor.

Invidyo’s Smart AI Baby Monitor is the perfect choice to understand and learn more about your baby’s secret life. Whether you are around or not, Invidyo keeps an eye on your child for you at all times.

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