How do you Calm a Crying Baby in 5 Seconds? A Step-by-Step Tutorial


A technique by Dr. Robert Hamilton can potentially stop a baby from crying in a matter of seconds. You can watch the video to see how he does it, but here is the step by step tutorial on how to calm a crying baby in 5 seconds:

Step 1 To Stop Baby Crying

You gently hold the crying baby and flip them in a way that their belly faces the floor. 

Step 2 To Stop Baby Crying

As you are flipping them, you should fold their little arms, so they are not flailing around. 

Step 3 To Stop Baby Crying

Next, you have to ensure that the baby’s neck is resting on the cradle between your thumb and forefinger.

Step 4 To Stop Baby Crying

Your dominant hand should be cradling their bottom.

You can try different variations of this technique, and it has proven to be successful by many parents. 

It might not be helpful all the time, but it is definitely worth giving a try. 

Another thing you can try is Dr. Karp’s recommended 5 S method:

Swaddle to Calm Baby 

Swaddling is very comforting for babies, because it keeps babies nice and snug. If you have tried this method and you feel like your baby doesn’t like it, you can be a little persistent.

Try nursing them, bouncing them, rocking them while swaddled and they might just grow to like it.

Lay Baby on Side or Stomach

Similar to the 5 second technique of calming your baby, you can try holding the baby on their stomach or side.

This position is known to calm babies down, and it also relieves gas pressures if the baby is experiencing any.

Make Shush Noises to Baby

You may be surprised to know that the womb is not a silent place. There are quite a bit of sounds that keep baby lulled in the womb, such as the sound of blood flowing and the hum of the mother’s stomach.

You can replicate these sounds through either a white noise machine, or a white noise app.

Or you can loudly whisper “shhh” in their ear.

Swing Baby to Calm Them

Try swinging the baby in rocking or bouncing motions. 

Lots of parents have found bouncing on a yoga ball to be quite helpful.

Sucking is Calming for Babies

Babies find solace in sucking, so you can try giving them a pacifier.


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