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Does Cry it Out (CIO) Cause Damage?


The cry it out method, or CIO for short, is a widely debated subject amongst parents.

If you are not familiar with the cry it out method, it a sleep training technique where a sleepy baby is put to bed, with all their needs met (full stomach, diaper changed etc.) after which the parents leave the room so they put themselves to sleep.

A gentler variation of this the cry it out method, is when the parents come to baby’s room in periodic intervals to assure them.

CIO is not recommended before the baby has turned 6 months old, because before 6 months babies have not learned how to soothe themselves.

The cry it out method does not cause long term damage in terms of emotional, behavioral and psychological development.

There are pros and cons to the cry it out method, which is why every family views it differently.

If you are a parent who is considering sleep training their baby using the cry it out method, you should know that is has worked for many families and resulted with their babies sleeping soundly through the night.

It also depends on the baby and how they old they are, as some babies tend to get worked up with this method, while other babies settle down.

There are many variations of the cry it out method, that involve more frequent periodic checks so the infant doesn’t get too worked up.

Such methods can work for you and your family too.

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