5 Reasons for newborn baby crying: Can they cry for no reason?


It may seem that your baby sometimes cries for no reason at all, but that is not true. 

It’s not always easy to pinpoint the reason for why a newborn is crying. They may be well fed, burped, in a clean diaper, and they might still be crying.

Babies are learning new things about themselves and their surroundings every second, and that process gets overwhelming for them.

The only outlet for that is to scream and cry their feelings out! 

If you feel like your baby is crying for no reason, think again, and go through this list:

  1. The baby is still hungry. It may seem like they’re full, but try offering them feed and see if they take it.
  2. Baby is over-tired, and may not want to sleep on their own. Try holding and rocking them, and they might doze off.
  3. They may be overstimulated, and you might not have realized it. Try wearing your baby with a baby wrap. Parents have felt that it makes for a relaxed and content baby.
  4. They may be just plain bored! Yes, babies get bored too just like we do. Try putting on some music and see if that entertains them.
  5. A gas bubble is bothering them. Gas can be very painful for infants, which could explain the persistent crying. If you have already burped them, try using some gas drops.

After going through the checklist, if you feel like your baby is perfectly fine and healthy, then the last thing for you to do is wait it out. 

We promise, things do get easier with time as both you and your little one figure things out!

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