8 Summer Activities For Kids Of All Ages


The summer holidays are right around the corner. Whether your kids go to school or not, this is a great time for family bonding. Engaging in fun activities and making the most of the summer is always a good idea. Plus, these will make for incredible memories that you can preserve for a lifetime. Are you wondering what activities do you do in summer? Well, we have you covered with these simple, fun, and free summer activities for kids.

It is always challenging to find the right activities to engage in with your kids. But not to fret, we have a list of fun summer activities for kids that pretty much span every age group. So you do not have to worry about whether this activity will work with your kids or not. Trust us, there is something here for everyone. These summer activities make sure that both, parents and children, have a blast.

Do you know the best part about these summer activities for children? None of these activities involve any screen time at all. We know how tempting it can be to give your child a screen to keep them occupied. But, every parent knows just how much more important spending quality time together is.

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Make the most out of water

It’s hot and nothing says free, fun, and exciting like water. It’s the easiest summer activity to involve your children in. Whether you choose to put out a portable tub or pool or choose to take your kids to the beach, water activities are the easiest. You can even turn on the sprinklers in your backyard. You can also challenge your kids to a water fight. wherever there is water there is fun. Plenty of it, we promise you!

Take a hike

Hiking is a great activity for the summers. Immersing yourself in nature is vital. There are plenty of kid-friendly spots for hiking that you can take your little one to. Besides, you will be able to introduce your kids to a fun new experience. You can spend time looking for butterflies, caterpillars, birds, and flowers. It is an activity that combines fun and education altogether.

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Invest in a new hobby

The summer break is the perfect time to indulge in a new activity or pick up a new hobby. This can be anything from dance classes to learning a new instrument. Introduce your kid to an activity you would want them to pursue or something that your child holds an interest in. Your kids will have the time to dedicate and you will also help them develop a new hobby or interest.

Plan a picnic

Trust us when we tell you that your kids will forever remember picnics. Picnics are an activity that allows you to unwind and gives your kid a lifetime’s worth of wonderful memories. You can even have your kid help out with picking out the snacks and preparing the food. All you will need is a basket, a comfortable blanket, and breathable summer wear. Don’t forget the insect repellant and sunscreen either.

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Paint something together

Painting is a delightful way of expressing and channeling your creativity. And the best part is that there are no rules. You might want to stick to watercolors at first to reduce the chances of tough stains. Not only is painting together an activity that will improve bonding but it will also give you a chance to take a break as well.

Introduce your kids to exercise

Instilling healthy habits at an early age is a practice that every parent must indulge in. Teaching your kids the importance of exercise is important. Plus, showing your kids that exercise can be fun and enjoyable goes a long way in helping them maintain healthy habits as they grow. Go for a morning or evening run, swim, or even bicycle around the neighborhood together. Whatever activity you choose, it can be quite rewarding, healthy, and fun.

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Build forts

Building forts is an old tradition that does not look like it might die down any time soon. It is quite easy, simple, and cheap. Yes, we know it can be a mess to clean up. But, if you are ever in the house and cannot go out for any reason, this simple fun summer activity will keep your child occupied for hours. If you tire out and fall asleep at any point, you know Invidyo’s Baby Camera will be your eyes and ears while you nap.

Get busy in the kitchen

Popsicles, dinner, or fixing tea time snacks together; the kitchen is a wonderful place to include your children. Besides birthing a love for cooking, baking, and creating, you can get wonderfully creative with your recipes. This summer activity requires no extra effort and also improves your child’s palate and creativity.

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It is normal for parents to struggle with keeping their kids engaged during the summer break. I mean, your kids might be on vacation but we all know adults don’t get vacations! Finding the right time and activity is hence, essential to make sure your time is spent well.

We also know how tiring it can get to hear “I’m bored” a couple of hundred times a day. Now that your kids have all this time on their hands, they will definitely look for ways to stay busy and engaged. Our range of suggested activities spans a large age demographic and provides a slew of options for parents and children alike.


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