Signs of Intelligence In Babies


Every parent wishes that their child is gifted. Having a genius on your hands is not an easy task. Babies with higher levels of intelligence usually need higher levels of stimulation. They bore easily and consistently seek newer and more challenging experiences. But, does that translate into a low attention span? Hmm?

As a parent, it is normal to think the world of your child. Every little thing they do or say feels like an award-worthy achievement. But, how do you know if your child is really gifted or if you just dote too much? There are a few signs of intelligence in babies that you can look out for.

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Bear in mind, different signs emerge at different ages. The key is to be patient and not enforce odd practices to “unleash your child’s inner genius.

Signs of Intelligence In Babies

Intelligent children usually exhibit quirks that the average child does not. This is because their brains are more powerful than the average child. Usually, you will be able to spot the signs quite early during infancy.

Is my child gifted?

An excellent question. During the first few years, it can actually be quite hard to determine if your child is truly a genius. In fact, IQ tests are usually only reliable from age 4 and above. So unless you have some serious concerns regarding your child’s mental development, it is best to save the IQ tests for later. Instead, look out for these signs.

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Gifted children are far more content and happier with their own company. They indulge themselves in activities such as playing or coloring or reading without needing the presence of others. If you notice that your child is entertaining themselves on their own without extra help, this can be a sign of intelligence. Gifted babies are also more likely to be introverted. As a parent, you should notice the signs and not push them too hard to step out of their comfort zones.

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While most parents see stubbornness as a sign of insolence, it is actually one of the many signs of intelligence in babies. Being stubborn signifies determination. If your child stands their ground and negotiates with you, that is a definitive sign of intelligence.


Usually, babies have rather short attention spans and can easily be distracted. However, an intelligent child can hold their focus for longer. A gifted child will be able to focus on things for longer periods of time from an early age. They will also be able to reference images and shapes faster. This brings us to memory.


Gifted children will have a sharper memory than average. They will retain the capacity to remember things for longer periods of time. This can range from places you have visited together to people you have met. You might also notice that your child is exceptionally good at matching similar items and picking a particular item from a pile. This is called object permanence and is definitely a sign of intelligence.


A child who wants to explore and discover everything around them is surely gifted. Children who are enraptured by their surroundings have a thirst for knowledge. This is because their brains process information on a higher level and they seek greater levels of stimulation. Hence, this translates into a thirst for knowing and learning more about the world around them.

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Problem Solving

Giving up is not for the gifted. If your child is exhibiting problem-solving capabilities, you can take it as a sign of intelligence. Persisting with a task and refusing to give up is a sign of resilience that babies do not usually possess. You can notice signs of problem-solving in simple everyday tasks such as not being able to reach a toy on the couch and improvising to climb on the couch.


Yes, we know that at one point or another, sleep can be a problem. Interestingly enough, intelligent children do not sleep a lot. This is due to their active brains that take longer to “shut down”. You might notice that your child sleeps lesser than other children of the same age. Plus, they won’t exhibit crankiness.


This one holds especially true for languages. Try and speak to your child in different languages. Communicating with your baby in different languages actually boosts their brain development. Babies who are born to parents who speak multiple languages perform better on IQ tests and also have a higher quality of life when they grow up.

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The more vivid your child’s imagination, the greater the chance that they are highly intelligent. If your child is in the habit of having imaginary friends or imagining scenarios that you think are far too complex for their age, don’t be worried. This is an obvious sign that they are highly intelligent.


Have you noticed your baby is hitting milestones faster than what is considered typical? Can they already sit up before hitting the four-month mark? Do they use their hands to mimic actions? If you answered yes, then you have a gifted baby on your hands.

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One of the sure signs of intelligence in babies is a high level of alertness. You might notice that your child is very observant of their surroundings. You will also notice a lot of eye contact. Responding to sounds and noises by turning to look at them is also a sign of alertness. Gifted children are highly sensitive to changes in their surroundings. Their levels of perception are much higher than ordinary. If your child even notices changes in emotional states, you can be sure that you have an Einstein growing in your home.

Regardless of whether your child is a genius or not, you should always encourage their growth in a healthy manner. Comparing your child to other children is not beneficial and actually causes more harm than good. Learn to love your babies as they are and give them room to grow at their own pace.

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