Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: What Do Mothers REALLY Want?


The day that honors the essence of mothers is fast approaching. This means it’s time to start shopping for the special ladies we otherwise call mothers. Sure, flowers are great. But, what is it that mothers really want? We are here to answer this burning question in the article below. Read on to find the absolute perfect gift for any mother.

Not only is this list of gifts well thought out, but it also has something for every mama. You are bound to find something that resonates. Read on to pick out something before it’s too late.

What do mothers really want on Mother’s Day?

Isn’t that the question of the hour? When shopping for gifts, it is common to steer towards the pretty and the pricey. And while there is nothing quite wrong with that, mothers need more than that. Mothers want practicality above all.

We don’t mean for you to skip the flowers this season. No, definitely get the prettiest bouquet. But, you should also go one step further and think about how you can HELP a mama out.

Essential Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It goes without saying that every mother has a unique set of interests and preferences. Sometimes you will find yourself thinking “is this the right gift?” We know it can be hard to find just the perfect gift for mother’s day. This is exactly why we’ve curated a selection of essentials that every mother will adore.

Baby Monitor

Does every mama need an extra pair of eyes and ears on her baby? Absolutely. Who can ever say no to that? Investing in a good baby monitor is the ultimate mother’s day gift. While there are plenty of options to pick from, you need to make sure your selection is reliable and also pocket-friendly.

Invidyo’s Baby Cam is an excellent choice. it goes easy on the pocket, comes with a range of exceptional features, and looks after a baby like a mother would. It is “made by parents, for parents” after all.

If you are confused about which baby monitor to go for, read this fantastic comparison blog between some of the leading monitors in the market.

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Coffee/Wine Subscription

Every mom needs one of the two: coffee or wine! You cannot go wrong with a subscription to one of these. There are plenty of subscription services you can refer to for help in this regard. The subscription process is fairly easy and straightforward for the most part. Some services require filling out a short quiz so they may curate the subscription accordingly.

A Comfortably Snug Robe

You would actually be surprised how many mothers highly recommend robes as gifts. Not only are they the perfect attire for any and every day, but they are also awfully comfortable. Just got out of the shower? Put on your robe. Don’t want to change out of your pajamas? Put on your robe. Throw on the robe at any time and it will make you feel like you have it all under control.

If you really want to be smart with this mother’s day gift, pick a color that hides stains (e.g. checkered beige). Because hey, a mama’s life is not easy. Another great bit of advice is to go for a larger size than a smaller one. Large and cozy beats small and tight any day!

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Yes, this one might feel a little cliched. But, trust us, a fragrance for a mother is entirely different than gifting one to anyone else. Because mothers spend so much time looking after their toddlers, they don’t find the time to look after themselves. You would be surprised what a good fragrance can do to a mama’s spirits.

All it takes is one spritz to make her feel incredible again.


While we’re on the topic of fragrances, a fragrance diffuser is also an incredible mothers’ day gift idea. There is nothing quite like a calming and pleasant fragrance to fill up the home. Not only does it soothe the senses, but it also makes up for a variety of odors that naturally accompany the presence of toddlers and infants.

A lot of diffusers also double up as night lights. This greatly adds to the ambiance of the bedroom or nursery as well.

Curated Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Having covered essential (and generic) gift ideas, let us talk about curated mother’s day gifts! If you have a particular gift in mind, who are we to steer you away from it? Nothing shows that you care more than a carefully selected gift designed to fit the needs of that one special mama. Whether it is a special brand of chocolates or a well-deserved spa retreat, you would know best.

At the end of the day, you should focus on making mama feel better in the best practical manner possible. Get her flowers, surely. But, also get her something that reduces stress, offers a great distraction, and most importantly takes some load off her hands.

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Some of the many mother’s day gift ideas you can choose from include:

  • Kitchen essentials to make cooking a breeze
  • A vacation or trip somewhere scenic and serene
  • Hire a nanny for the new mother
  • Get something from the baby registry (perfect for expecting mothers)
  • A meal service or grocery subscription
  • Comfortable shoes or footwear
  • A self-care subscription box
  • Dinner(s) someplace special

Remember, the goal is to prioritize mama, her time. her comfort, and her peace. Think twice before investing in a meaningful gift that she will not have time to actually use (e,g, a book club or library membership). Take things off her plate instead of adding to it.

In addition to feeling appreciated, mothers will always need a helping hand, too. Trust us, every mama needs any and all the help she can get. So if you can give her that extra hand, then why not?

Did you find our list helpful? Are there any other incredible mother’s day gift ideas you would like to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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