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How To Handle Housework with a Baby – 9 Tips


When a baby enters a household, the baby’s routines tend to consume a significant portion of the day and the caregiver’s energy, particularly during the initial weeks.

During these initial weeks, experts often advise parents to prioritize rest over house chores. Establishing a well-rested routine and spending time bonding with your baby takes precedence, allowing for a smoother adjustment to this new phase of life.

The arrival of a baby constitutes immense joy and contentment in the household, yet it also introduces its set of challenges. Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness at home is among these challenges.

Different individuals may have varying priorities; some may prioritize frequent floor cleaning, while others may be more concerned about ironing clothes. Discovering a suitable pattern that aligns with individual preferences can contribute to a more relaxed environment for everyone involved.

Below you will read 9 strategies on how to handle housework with a baby. These strategies will help you with your home life, and managing household chores after the arrival of your baby.


1. Adjust your expectations

Striving for high expectations daily can often result in exhaustion. Perfectionism, in the context of holistic health, tends to be counterproductive. Remember, you’re already a great mom or dad. Start by being kind to yourself.

One of the healthiest approaches to embracing life with a new baby involves recalibrating your expectations. It’s alright if certain household tasks aren’t completed as frequently as they were before.

2. Use a to-do-list or worksheet to stay organized

You can consider some points that can help you in managing housework with your baby and write them down:

  • What household chores can you do when your baby is asleep? (Like folding the laundry, preparing the dinner…)
  • What tasks can you do while your baby is awake? (Like sweeping the house…)
  • What tasks require use of both hands?
  • Where around the house can you put your baby when they are awake? Do you have a baby sling?
  • Who would you feel most comfortable asking for help?
  • What can you do if you feel like things are getting out of control?

Using this worksheet write down possible ways to find a balance between caring for your baby and housework. You can revise the worksheet as your baby grows older.

3. Make a daily cleaning schedule

Time management is essential for new moms. A daily cleaning schedule might help you stay on top of all the different housework tasks that need to be done.

Each day focus on the most important housework tasks such as:

  • Meals
  • Dishes
  • Floors
  • Laundry

You don’t have to add lots of things to your cleaning schedule. All you need to do is pick 2 to 4 cleaning tasks to tackle on a particular day.

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4. Simplify tasks

When you are taking care of a baby, one thing you will always have less of is time

So, instead of completing housework in one go, break it up into smaller tasks. Even 5 or 10 minutes can be quite enough to clean the bathroom or toilet, or give the kitchen a sweep. 2 minutes might be enough to clean the bathroom sink…

Do a load of laundry or two every day rather than leaving it for a big washing day.  

Small tasks throughout each day are more practical than finding an hour or so to get housework done.

Another useful strategy is to get into the habit of associating one task with another.  For example, while you are waiting for the kettle to boil you can empty the dishwasher.

5. Take advantage of a baby sling

You can strap in your baby and clean the house since it’s conveniently hands-free.

Wash dishes, sweep the living room, or even vacuum the house while you’re carrying your baby. Your baby will enjoy being close to you as much as possible.

6. Keep your home clean during nap time

Nap times present opportunities to do some household chores.

The most important point here is to have a convenient baby monitor. With a convenient baby monitor you can track your baby’s nap. And while your baby is sleeping, thanks to your baby monitor, you can catch up on your housework.

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7. Delegate housework to others

Exhausting yourself throughout the day benefits no one. Achieving balance after welcoming a baby involves shared responsibility. Don’t hesitate to seek help! Share household duties with your partner, older children, relatives, or consider hiring a cleaner.

It’s common to feel frustrated with your workload or fatigue when managing the bulk of household chores alone. These feelings are entirely normal.

By expressing your emotions openly and respectfully to your partner and family members, you pave the way for collaborative solutions.

8. Speed-clean while the baby enjoys another activity

Sometimes even 15 minutes can be quite enough to do many things.

Give your baby something that can keep them entertained and do a quick clean-up! You can sit your baby on their dining table chair and give them a book or some toys while you wash the dishes or do some laundry.

Even putting your baby in a bouncer while you organize toys or the living room can work.

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9. Remember time to rest

Housework never ends. And ignoring your needs or not sparing time to rest usually ends in exhaustion. Parents, especially mothers often forget to take a rest.

Just because your baby is asleep doesn’t mean that you spend all that downtime to do the housework. A clean house can quickly become messy, but the reverse is also true—it can easily be tidied up. The crucial aspect is to allocate some of that time for your own rest and needs, ensuring you take care of yourself.


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