What is the Best Baby Sleep Schedule?


Sleep is crucial for any healthy individual but it is even more important when it comes to babies. They need sleep to process all the information they take in, and it helps them learn and grow. 

With that being said, sleep can feel non-existent for parents of a newborn who have to be awake to attend to their baby’s needs. It would make sense if you want to get your baby on a sleep schedule so you can manage to get some shut eye as well. 

When it comes to the best sleep schedule for a newborn baby, it is most important to ensure that they are sleeping enough, i.e. getting at least 16 hours, rather than figuring out a schedule.

Newborn babies don’t know the difference between nighttime and daytime, which is why they will be waking up frequently because of hunger. 

You can start to think about getting your baby on a sleep schedule when they turn 3 months old, but even then they will be waking up to eat. 

Here is what a tentative baby sleep schedule can look like for you:


6:30 am  Wake up
8 am – 10: 30 am  Sleep 
12 pm – 3 pm Sleep
5 pm – 6 pm  Sleep
8 pm – 11 pm Sleep, wake to eat
1 am to 3 30 am Sleep, wake to eat
4 am – 6 30  Sleep and wake up


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