Put Your Baby To Sleep In Less Than A Minute


It’s no secret that one of the biggest struggles faced by parents is putting their babies to sleep. While some babies doze off without any trouble at all, that is not the case for the most part. Parents usually spend a lot of time trying to put their babies to sleep. But, what if we told you that you can change that very easily? Yep, we’re telling you that you can put your baby to sleep in under a minute.

Surely, right now you’re thinking “….HOW?” Well, we would be happy to show you just how. Introducing the tissue trick! That’s right, all you need is a piece of tissue. This simple hack has been used by parents for years on years. And we can tell you for a fact that it almost never disappoints. All you need is a piece of tissue paper to put your baby to sleep in less than a minute.

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An important thing to consider is that your tissue paper must be dry. This hack will not work with a wet wipe, damp towel, or tissue. So this simple technique requires you to gently drag the tissue over your baby’s face. Repeat this process over and over. You will very quickly notice your baby’s eyes drooping as they slip into silent slumber. This is the easiest and quickest hack to put your baby to sleep in less than a minute.

Is The Tissue Hack The Only Way?

This is where we share more good news with you. No, the tissue hack is not the only way to lull your baby to sleep in 60 seconds or less. A few other hacks and tricks will make putting your baby to sleep much easier.

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White Noise Machine

If you haven’t yet, then do consider investing in a Baby Monitor. A monitor is essential for parents. Aside from the general features that allow parents to monitor their child at all times, the Invidyo Cam also comes with a White Noise feature.

The best part is you can turn on white noise through the app without even being present in the nursery. White noise works like magic. It will instantly put your baby to sleep in a minute or so.

The Magic of Touch

Gently touching your baby if they wake up from their sleep will put them right back to snoozing. You can caress their cheek or rest your hand on their chest. Babies love physical proximity. A gentle massage goes a long way as well.

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Relaxing Lotions and Balms

There are plenty of lotions infused with calming ingredients such as lavender. Giving them a massage with a calming lotion can do wonders. Just make sure you opt for a lotion or balm that is gentle on your baby’s skin. You do not need to restrict your use of such balms and lotions for bedtime. Use them sparingly for naps as well as any time you notice your baby struggling with sleep.

Have you tried any of these methods before? If you generally struggle with putting your baby to sleep, give these methods a try. Let us know what generally works for you in the comments below.

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