mom using breastfeeding pillow

Is a Feeding Pillow Really Necessary for Breastfeeding?


A feeding or nursing pillow is not something that you won’t be able to breastfeed without. With that being said, you will need a lot of pillows to prop yourself up or your baby as you are nursing. Some mothers have said that the breastfeeding pillow equals 6 pillows!

Feeding pillows also make it easier to position your baby, and when they start getting bigger they also get heavier so you won’t have to hold all the weight in your arms.

C-section mommies have also sought a lot of comfort in nursing pillows because it allows them to sit or lay comfortably while breastfeeding.

With some type of pillows, like the Boppy, you can have your baby sleep up against you without having to hold them the whole time.  

You should also have in mind that you will be breastfeeding for some time after the baby arrives, and a nursing pillow will not only make things easier, but will also save you the time of setting up and adjusting regular pillows. 

How to Use a Feeding Pillow

Feeding pillows are different from regular pillows because they come in a U-shape design. Here are some ways how you can use a feeding pillow:

  1. You can put the feeding pillow around your waist in such a way that you can have the baby as close to your breast as possible.
  2. Rest baby’s head on the pillow in a way that they can latch on with minimal effort.
  3. Feeding pillows tend to have changeable covers so that you can always chuck them in the machine in case of any spit ups.

Uses of a Feeding Pillow

After you have successfully nursed your baby using the feeding pillow, you can explore its other uses.

  • It is great for back support even during pregnancy. You no longer have to worry about stacking 10 pillows just to find that sweet spot that is comfortable. 
  • The feeding pillow can help prevent any neck straining in case you are not in the right feeding position. 
  • After a c-section, it is crucial that the stitches heal without any pressure or friction and a feeding pillow will allow that. 
  • In case of breastfeeding twins, it will be easier with a nursing pillow as you can nurse both babies comfortably. 
  • The pillow can be used to teach babies how to sit when they grow older. 


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