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10 Tips for New Breastfeeding Mothers: Best Breastfeeding Advice You Can Get


Breastfeeding can be a challenging process for a new mother. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes it doesn’t come “naturally”, and you really have to figure your way through it.

However, making sure you are mentally prepared for what’s to come is essentially half the journey covered.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of tips that are tried and tested from moms themselves that will surely help you out with your breastfeeding process!

  1. It is not likely that you won’t be able to nurse at all. Even if you may feel like that at times. Know that it is a learned skill and you can’t become a professional at it without having actually breastfed.
  2. Your nurses and doctors will give you a lot of information and tips but, do yourself a favor, and book an appointment with a lactation consultant.  You can do this before your baby arrives too so you are better prepared.
  3. Read up and watch as many videos as you can on breastfeeding and latching. Look at all the positions so you have a good idea of what to expect.
  4. The first couple of weeks will be difficult, but it does get easier. This is because both you and your baby will be learning in the beginning. Newborns are also floppy but they eventually become more stiff as they get older and gain control.
  5. Because babies are so sleepy in the first week, you will have to wake them up to make sure they get their feeding. The best way to do this is undress them, and have some skin to skin contact so they are not startled when they wake up.
  6. You can learn to hand express, even if it is a couple of drops of milk. This will save you a lot of discomfort for when you are engorged. And it will also let you know that you have milk when the baby is being fussy.
  7. If you are using a pump, don’t worry if you can only pump an ounce or two. Managing to get 2 to 4 ounces of milk during the feeding sessions is good enough. However, if you are having supply issues, it is best to speak to a lactation consultant.
  8. Formula is a great alternative and you don’t have to feel guilty in any way for resorting to it. There is also nothing wrong with using formula and nursing together at the same time.
  9. Have some high protein snacks and a water bottle close to you when you are nursing. It is important to keep yourself hydrated no matter how annoying the bathroom trips will be.
  10. Ask for help! If you feel like you are struggling, you have a lot of resources at your disposal. Join a support group with other moms who are going through the same thing, and it will be of immense help.


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