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What Age is Best to Start Solid Foods?


Introducing solids to your baby is a huge milestone. But it is also important that solids are introduced at the right time because up until a certain age, milk should be the main source of a baby’s nutrition. 

The best age to start solid foods is when they are past 6 months of age. Even when solid food is given to baby starting at 6 months, it is important to know that their main source of food should still be breastmilk or formula. Starting solids is only meant to get them accustomed to the different textures and flavors. 

When baby turns 7 to 8 months, they are able to eat different types of solid foods. 

Every 6 month old will respond differently to solid food. A good way to check if your baby is ready for solids is if they actually eat the food you give. 

If the food comes right out, then they are not ready at this point in time. 

When Should I Introduce Solid Foods and Juices?

Solid foods should be introduced to your baby when they turn 6 months. However, it is important to note that the solid food should not replace their primary source of food which is breastmilk or formula.

Juices, on the other hand, can wait till they turn 1 years old. This is because juices contain a lot of sugar which can cause some potential problems, like tooth decay and digestive problems.

Your main goal should be to introduce a solid fruit instead.

Some babies, even if they have turned 6 months, might not be ready for solids just yet. This is nothing to be alarmed about – every baby is different.

Your baby should be ready for solids if they:

  • Can hold their head up in an upright position,
  • Can sit up without support,
  • Are mouthing their hands and toys,
  • Are showing a desire to eat by leaning forward.

If your baby rejects the solid food, despite fulfilling the above requirements, that is normal. You can try again after a couple of days, but don’t force them to eat.

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