baby not liking food

What Do you Do When Your Baby Doesn’t Want to Eat?


You might feed a different range of emotions when your baby doesn’t respond well to solid food, mostly out of your love and concern for them. You want your baby to be healthy, and for that they need to eat.

When your baby doesn’t want to eat, the most important thing you can do is to be patient with them and try different things. You should also understand that food before the age of 1 is only for the sole purpose of getting your baby accustomed. The solid food you give them is not supposed to be a source of nutrition because they already have breast milk or formula for that.

Here are some thing you can do when your baby doesn’t want to eat:

1. Change Up the Environment

Sometimes all your baby needs is a good distraction to eat their food. If you normally feed them in the kitchen, try taking them outside for meal time and see how they respond to that. 

2. Feed Them When Everyone Else is Eating As Well

If your baby sees everyone around the table eating, they might want to do the same. Your main goal should be to get them to enjoy their solids in the beginning, so they look forward to it every time. 

Making it a family activity and ritual will help them warm about to solid food. 

3. Don’t Hover Over Them

As much as you are excited about your baby eating solids, don’t show them this. This may pressurize them in a way, even if it is not your intention.

When it is solid food time, just give them a plate of food and let them do their own thing, while you do yours but still making sure you keep an eye on them.

4. Try Different Flavors and Textures

If your baby is rejecting some solid foods, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. 

There is an entire world of possibilities when it comes to solid foods, and you should simply try other things. Try cooking foods in a different way, use different flavors. Your baby will end up liking something!


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