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Feels like you never left your baby's side

Working parents are always close to their babies with Invidyo

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Invidyo - Always keep an eye on your baby...

Invidyo - World's Smartest Child Monitor with Smile Detection

Face Recognition

Invidyo is the first intelligent child monitoring solution that uses both Face and Emotion Recognition technology to identify important events.

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Never miss a smile!

Invidyo also automatically captures snapshots when your child smiles and generates an album of these images.

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Magic Moments Clip

Invidyo generates a daily Magic Moments Clip from motion, cry, face and smile events.

invidyo magic moments clip

Invidyo Mobile app in Action

Invidyo - New Generation Baby and Babysitter Monitoring Service

HD Video and high quality audio
Wide field of view, sharp and smooth video with cyrstal clear audio.
Built-in Battery
Invidyo camera keeps recording for two more hours even when electricty or internet is cut off. If you want you can use it totally free of wiring for two hours thanks to its internal battery.
Secure Recording
Your important moments are kept under bank level security on our servers. You can access your recordings anytime, anywhere.
Wired and Wireless Connection Options
Connect to your WIFI network or use an ethernet cable for cable connection.
invidyo camera front
Easy Setup
You can setup and start using Invidyo easily in two minutes.
Monitor Your Quality Of Life
Monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, noise, illumination level in your babies room.
Smart Notifications
A sudden noise or movemement, a change in temperature, your baby crying... Invidyo detects all these events and sends you mobile notifications. Invidyo also records short video clips of these events so that you can quickly look through everything that happened during the day.
Two way communication and play preset tunes
Talk to your baby or send a lullaby right from your mobile phone.

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